VIDEO: Charity cares for pets while owners receive cancer treatment  

CANCER has a huge impact on the lives of sufferers, but those undergoing treatment in the Hunter now have one fewer thing to worry about.

CARE for Pets, a charity that supports several cancer patients in the Hunter, has received much-needed funding that will allow the group to continue  its work.

The charity, which looks after  animals in their homes when owners are having hospital treatment, has received $3000  as part of the Cancer Council regional grants program.

Hunter Cancer Council, regional manager Shayne Connell believes  CARE for Pets is a valuable service.

‘‘We are proud  to work with CARE for Pets to ensure that concerns for the care for a companion animal is not a barrier for people who need to attend treatment,’’ Mr Connell said.

CARE for Pets volunteer, Angie Di Lorenzo, said: ‘‘Cancer patients need to focus on their own health, sometimes the animals get unintentionally left behind. 

‘‘They don’t have the time or the strength and that’s where we come in. We look after their pets the way that they would want them to be cared for.’’

To make a donation call 0416 962 273. See

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