TOPICS: Joe offers nostalgia at the car boot sale

WILLIAM Cooper, known as Joe to his mates, has every computer nerd’s dream job.

He spends his days testing games to sell online, as well as at The World’s Biggest Car Boot Sale at Hunter Stadium, Broadmeadow tomorrow. 

But Cooper’s interest in games is strictly retro and he sources games and consoles, including Nintendo 64, Atari, Sega, Mario Kart and Commodore Amiga.

‘‘There’s a lot of people who are collectors. They have gone and bought the Nintendo Wii or the Xbox 360 and don’t like them,’’ Cooper said.

‘‘It’s a nostalgia trip for people to play the old games with their kids nowadays.’’  

Cooper said the added appeal of the retro game consoles was that they were basically indestructible.

‘‘You can spill a can of Coke of them and it’s just a matter of pulling them apart and putting them back together,’’ he said.

Cooper, 47,  has four kids and six grandkids so he is never short of a challenger at his Maitland home.

‘‘Testing the games is the fun bit,’’ he said.

The World’s Biggest Car Boot Sale, which features 306 stall-holders and is on from 9am to 2pm, has been running for six years and is a fund-raiser for Hunter Life Education.

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