Kicking a virtual goal

JULIO Mencorr sounds like a soccer player and is, in a way.

He’s the guy who ruins a session of the football video game FIFA between mates. Julio spoils everyone’s fun by being too good.

He’s kick-the-coffee-table, throw-the-controller, yell-at-the-dog-for-moving good.

That’s why he played last night at a FIFA Interactive World Cup Live qualifier at EB Games, Charlestown Square.

Late last night the Gosford gamer’s Manchester United team beat Inter Milan 2-1 in Round 32, and was still in the running to progress to the Australian final in Sydney to play for a place in the world cup final.

Becks will be there. Remember that bloke you saw a while ago on Darby Street? He wore a beanie, in summer.

Julio, 30, quickly realised he was better at the game than his mates.

‘‘I was the one everyone hated, the one everyone wanted to beat,’’ he told us. ‘‘So I started going to events.’’

A floor sander by trade, Julio practices three hours a day. He always plays as Manchester United, and perhaps only Alex Ferguson understands the players better.

‘‘My girlfriend hates my playing habits,’’ Julio said. ‘‘She’s glad the world cup’s coming up soon.’’

For us average button-bashers straining to beat our mates and earn Dorito-choked bragging rights, Julio says to relax.

‘‘Enjoy yourself, and don’t get too caught up in the situation of the game.’’

All right. Hand us the controller. Here come those Jets.

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