TOPICS: Flowering in heat

NOTICING some jacaranda flowers glowing a touch more than usual had Topics wondering if we’d found our sentimental side.

Those purple flowers are usually enough to make you stop the car and sigh. Then curse, usually, when the flowers sprinkle across your bonnet and you have to break out the elbow-grease.

But this season seems different. The trees look more lush, prompting longer sighs and more cursing.

Thankfully, it’s not just us thinking the flowers look brighter.

It seems the jacarandas too might be feeling spring has sprung.

It’s mostly due to the dry weather after a few wet springs, which apparently suits you fine if you’re a jacaranda.

Hunter Valley Gardens horticultural manager Sean O’Brien reckons the extra special flowering might also be due to ... um, the birds and the bees.

It’s got the trees holding back the foliage to show the flowers off more effectively.

‘‘There’s one side of the argument that you could say they’re more stressed so they’re flowering more to do their best to reproduce,’’ Mr O’Brien told Topics.

Well. Maybe we should park on the other side of the street and leave them to it.

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