TOPICS: Thrust in the limelight

SNAKE skin and big hair are so hot right now. Just ask these Newcastle lads who took their ’80s inspired glam rock group to face the judges on

It was a brave move. Especially considering guitarist Thruster Jones (Eugene Mansour) told us he obtains his stage outfits from Supre and wears a pair of pants borrowed from his mate’s mum.

Eugene, lets call him Thruster, found his love of ’80s rock while strumming air guitar as a kid with his brother Damian, aka vocalist Jett Jones.

The duo, who both have careers in medicine, started the group about seven years ago inspired by Kiss, Poison, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi.

The kicker is these guys can actually play and their group Hansel has rocked it on dance floors from Byron Bay to the Central Coast.

Not that there’s much thrusting going on for the guitarist at the moment.

Thruster has been nursing a knee injury following a surfing accident.

Hansel, named after the ‘‘so hot’’ Owen Wilson character in

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