FISHING: Holiday hunters hook up

IT might have been raining cats and dogs lately, but grey clouds haven’t cast a shadow over fishing.

Local waters are ripe with fish, come rain or shine, which has kept holiday anglers happy throughout the Hunter as the school break draws to a close.

Adamstown mother Louise Everett and partner Grant found this out when they took the tribe up to One Mile beach to camp last week and initiated the youngsters into the dark arts of holiday hunting.

Rods were baited up with worms and pippies dug out of the sand before casting into the gutters where, to their absolute delight, they harvested a fine feed of whiting.

‘‘We got eight in all, plus something else I wasn’t quite sure about,’’ Louise, who makes up for what she lacks in fishing knowledge with pure enthusiasm, said yesterday.

The gang received the ultimate compliment from a local who said they’d done well to catch a feed of whiting off this particular beach. And in true holiday fashion, they didn’t have proper flour to cook with back at the camp kitchen, so they improvised with pancake mix complemented by a bit of salt, pepper and that old stalwart, a dash of beer, to make those battered whiting fillets oh so sweet.

‘‘The kids love fish and chips but they probably wouldn’t have any idea where the fish come from and how you get them,’’ Louise said.

‘‘They not only helped catch and clean the fish, they cooked them, and then best of all, ate them – pancake fish, not too savoury, not too sweet. It was great.’’

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Otts have got the touch

EIGHT-year-old tyro Shannon Ott got one up on his older brothers last Sunday when he opted to accompany dad Trevor and mate Ray Wilson on an assault at the Drop Over on Lake Macquarie.

What resulted was a more-than-handy haul of healthy flathead, bream, squire and flounder in a hot three-hour session.

The boys also lost a couple of big tailor at the boat, Trevor said yesterday.

‘‘We were fishing with light line, so we got busted off a bit, but we weren’t disappointed because we got so many,’’ he said.

‘‘It was one of the best sessions we’ve had ever and Shannon loved it.

‘‘To get to wind in and net that many fish ... He’d never experienced anything like that, and his brothers were certainly jealous.’’

Trevor’s planning another mission tonight and naturally he would be over the moon if he got the same reception on the water.

‘‘It was a purple patch,’’ he said in reference to last Sunday. ‘‘And I wouldn’t mind the same again.

‘‘They were all quality fish – not too much small stuff about and a good variety of species. We berleyed up with pilchards and cast stripped mullet into it and away it went.

‘‘There’s been a fair bit of fresh this week so that might stir it up a bit tomorrow. A jewie would be good.’’

Mulloway confidential

Speaking of jewie, Blake and Kyle Thomas nailed two up to 6kg off Newcastle with their old man, Michael, last Sunday, using live yellow tail. It wouldn’t surprise to see Newcastle Harbour light up this weekend with mulloway madness.

Broughton bounties

NELSON Bay fisho Noel Martin got a dozen snapper up to 6kg fishing Broughton Island last Sunday, Ross Duff, from Salamander Bait and Tackle, reported yesterday.

‘‘Apart from the snapper, the flathead have been excellent, both in the estuary and out north of Broughton,’’ Duff said.

‘‘There’s plenty of bait fish off the beaches – mac tuna, bonito – and the mullet are running, salmon and tailor too. So everyone’s been getting their share, and good size too.

‘‘The beaches have been working well for tailor, while drummer and luderick have kept the rocks hopping.’’

Bream and bare it alert

BREAM feature prominently in this week’s fishing menu, but Jason Gregory has a cautionary tale when it comes to showing off your catch.

Mathew Towner got four 40cm-plus bream in the Hunter River at Sandgate last week; the biggest was 45cm.

Duff reckons they’re fat and frisky round the bay. And Jase got a nice specimen down at Blacksmiths last Sunday.

But be warned, Jason nearly lost his fish posing for a photo.

Black cod surprise

BRENT Pinchen, from Kurri Kurri, caught and released a couple of black rod cod at Boat Harbour last weekend.

‘‘A few local anglers told me black cod are rare to be seen, let alone caught,’’ Brent said.

Meanwhile, 10-year-old Isaac Hawes caught a 53cm flathead at Soldiers Point off the jetty with his new rod on Tuesday fishing in the rain.

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