Risky business: When the Knights threw the dice

SO, where did that week of holiday go? And why’s Willie Mason back?

Actually, we all know how it happens.

You can’t concentrate at work, you come back from lunch and there’s an email saying you’ve allegedly signed Willie Mason and have you got a sec to pop by HR?

It could be a text you sent to the wrong number, and now the FedEx guy’s at the door needing someone to sign for a delivery of Willie Mason. Or maybe you had a glass of red at dinner, moved onto the hard stuff and woke up next to a pizza box with the realisation that some time last night you signed Willie Mason. Again.

Wayne Bennett’s gamble could pay off, of course. He’s pretty good at this coaching thing.

Anyway, the journeyman’s arrival at the Knights reminded us of other risky signings.

Ben Kennedy

Signed: 2000

Background: Sent home from Canberra Raiders training the year before after drug-use accusations. Subsequent test came back negative.

Worth the risk?

Beyond their wildest dreams. Voted into Knights Hall of Fame last month.

Brian Smith

Signed: 2007

Background: Coached the Dragons to two grand finals and the Eels to one, without winning any.

Worth the risk?

Jury’s still out. Came with a mandate to rebuild but alienated fans as he took a razor to the roster.

Greg Smith

Signed: 1999

Background: USA World Sevens speedster signed on the back of an American football resume he was accused of concocting. He countered that he’d been listed on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.

Worth the risk?

Nope. One game against the Bulldogs, widely blamed for the Knights blowing a 24-4 lead to lose 28-26.

Can you remember any other signings where the punters thought the Knights took a risk?

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