Shoe on the other foot

THE Tony Abbott-led Coalition is critical of Peter Slipper for his alleged indiscretions as a federal MP.

But it appears those indiscretions were quite acceptable while he was a member of the Coalition. The other big sin, according to Mr Abbott and his colleagues, is the appointment of Mr Slipper to the position of speaker by the minority Labor government.

When the John Howard-led Coalition was in government, I remember another Queensland politician who was behaving in an unacceptable manner. This politician was from the Labor Party.

The Howard government rewarded him with the position of senate deputy president in return for quitting Labor and voting for some legislation it wanted to get through the senate.

Many of the Coalition members who are so critical of current events were in Parliament at the time and accepted what was done with Mal Colston without question. But perhaps they think we all have short memories.

Fred McInerney


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