When Effie met Willie

THERE are conversations one expects in the course of a life, but talking to Effie about Willie Mason wasn’t on our list.

Yet here we were. At Knights training making small talk on the sideline as Mase strained and sweated in his Skins.

‘‘I know what it’s like to be an underdog,’’ Effie mused.

‘‘We’re both always having to prove ourselves, and we’re both a bit ethnic.’’

The Acropolis Now hairdresser’s a Collingwood fan with a bit of time for the Rabbitohs in the NRL.

She finds league frustrating.

‘‘They stop and say ‘can you rub me down?’ or ‘can I have a drink of water?’‘‘ said Effie, who’s around to promote her show A Date With Effie at Lizotte’s on May 13, squinting through Dolce and Gabbanas.

‘‘It’s like friggin’ creche.’’

We agreed that Buderus sounds Greek, but had to admit we’d never heard Danny make anything of his heritage.

We also broke the news that Nathan Tinkler’s married. Effie cursed, as though that put a spanner in the works.


Training wound down and Effie strode out to Mason in red stilettos. Er, Effie was wearing the stilettos. They air-kissed, and he told her he was from ‘‘Tronna’’.

‘‘Take care,’’ he called over his shoulder, and squared up to a media scrum.

While Mason talked into outstretched tape recorders, we witnessed a warm exchange.

Effie was talking to Wayne Bennett. Wiley old Make-Clint-Eastwood-Look-Frivolous Bennett was chatting with a character from a sitcom. And he was smiling.

‘‘What did you talk about?’’ we asked later.

‘‘I told him to keep doing a good job.’’

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