Long fight for Cardiff

TO report on the improvements at Cardiff railway station finally going ahead, without acknowledging Labor MP Sonia Hornery and her predecessor John Mills is disingenuous. Without the hard work of Ms Hornery and that of Brian Young (who was acknowledged) and the local community, this crucial upgrade would not be happening.

Successive transport ministers were lobbied, speeches were made, countless petitions at street stalls were organised and on-site meetings with stakeholders were held. I attended some of those meetings. Finally, in early 2010, the Labor government announced that the station’s easy access program would go ahead.

Sonia Hornery continued to pursue the project when the O’Farrell government dragged its heels, conducted yet another review and stalled the project for 13 months after getting into government. I say congratulations to all, in particular those who will be able to commute to and from Cardiff in comfort, safety and security.

Helen Sheehy, Cardiff

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