FISHING: Tailor return in triumph

AFTER an absence of nearly four years, tailor are back in local waters, exciting anglers of all persuasions.

Lake Macquarie is holding good numbers throughout, with Coal Point to Fishing Point particular hot spots.

Jason ‘‘One For’’ Nunn, son Pat and Pete Simms got 35 between them last Saturday morning.

‘‘They came on around 8am, which was nice and civilised,’’ Jason reported yesterday.

‘‘Size was a bit all over the place and you had to work hard for the better fish.

‘‘But we caught them on deep divers, shallow divers, chrome – it didn’t matter.

‘‘I put some gar on the bottom looking for bigger fish and got smaller.

‘‘Most of the bigger were on the surface.

‘‘The average size was 35 to 40centimetres.

‘‘Guys have been getting them off the rocks, on the beaches, throughout the lake – everywhere.

‘‘It’s good to see them back.’’

The prevalence has given anglers a great chance to spread out.

But it’s important people fish responsibly and adhere to size and bag limits.

The minimum size for tailor in NSW is 30centimetres with a bag limit of 20 per person.

Another factor to keep in mind this weekend for those fishing of the rocks is the predicted swell. Please exercise maximum caution.

Click on the image below for a gallery of Fish of the Week winners.


Southern wonders

PHIL Firbank got a cracking 45-centimetre bream down Morisset way last Sunday.

And 11-year-old Chelsea Lovett got a 43-centimetre fish in the shallows around Swansea using live blood worms fishing with her dad.

It was one of a bag of about 14 bream, a dozen tailor and a 45-centimetre whiting.

Oily-based baits like mullet gut and pilchards are working well.

Flatheads for the taking

ANGLERS are reporting plenty of good-sized flathead on the drift up towards the Drop Over in Lake Macquarie, and throughout Nelson Bay.

One angler got a six-kilogram lizard this week drifting with pilchards around the sand islands in the lake. It was one of six hooked in the morning.

Luderick easy to like

ANGLERS targeting whiting with tube worms have noted large numbers of luderick taking an interest.

Whiting have been shy, they say, but luderick have not –they’re schooled up at the moment and many are carrying roe.

Mullet run late

BEACHES are holding plenty of bream, tailor and mulloway.

The pros, meanwhile, are waiting anxiously for the mullet to run, but there’s a feeling that perhaps the horse, or in this case the mullet, have bolted for the year.

Time will tell.

Shoring up supplies

THE inshore offshore scene is going gangbusters with trag, reds, trevally, flathead, bream, tarwhine and tailor.

Reefs around Catho and up to Redhead, in 30 to 40metres of water, are the place to be.

Further out wide seems to have shut down for the season. A posse of boats headed out wide last weekend from the lake and got nothing but leatherjackets.

Full moon tidings

A FAVOURABLE weather forecast this weekend is dovetailing nicely with the run-in to a new full moon, suggesting it might be time to chase jew.

There’s been a few caught off the rocks at Catherine Hill Bay and Newcastle this week.

At this time of year mulloway like to sit in close to the rocks chasing luderick and mullet in the wash.

Grant jags the gong

GRANT Wettig took out the Newcastle District Anglers Association saltwater comp last weekend.

Grant was one of the few brave souls who ventured outside in tough conditions, and was rewarded.

‘‘He had a bag of good tailor, some really big bonito and the odd squire,’’ NDAA spokesman Craig Oaten said.

Matthew Small, who opted to fish the estuary, was runner-up with a nice mix of tailor, salmon and bream.

‘‘He got his bream and salmon in the harbour, and tailor in Swansea Channel,’’ Craig said. Robert Hodges took veterans honours.

Melissa Woollams won ladies and Les Jeffs was super-vets (over 80) champion.

In the overall standings, five-time back-to-back NDAA champion Adam Hodges would have to miss the final event of the year – the Graham Dors Open on May 19 to 20 – to miss out on making it six titles in a row.

Golden Eagle, meanwhile, will be hard to run down in the club point score.

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