Threadbare judges

THE Voice.

We know we ain’t the only ones in town (or even in our living room) to notice that Seal, Delta, Keith Urban and the Good Charlotte guy have sported the same threads night after night.

You didn’t notice? Look, we’ll prove it. We can detail their outfits off the tops of our heads.

Keef. Black v-neck tee and jeans. Seal. Pretty much the same. Delta. Black dress with plunging neckline. Hmmm. Plunging neckline.

Oh, and Good Charlotte guy. He’s been rocking a sleeveless denim vest.

So what gives? Did they knock over, like, a hundred auditions in an afternoon of filming?

As it turns out: no.

The same wardrobe monotony has happened on other countries’ versions of

The auditions happen over several days, but it’s easier to edit the footage and cut back and forth if the judges look the same the whole way through.

Just quietly, Topics reckons the judges in the local

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