Mum pleads guilty after brawl at school

TWO mothers scratched, punched and pulled each other's hair during a fight in front of hundreds of students and their grandparents at a Port Stephens school, Raymond Terrace Local Court heard yesterday.

The mothers, who cannot be identified, fought at Tea Gardens Public School's grandparents day that parents were not meant to attend, a statement of facts said.

A group of students had performed on stage in front of fellow pupils and about 250 grandparents when the crowd began dispersing to have morning tea on March 16.

One of the mothers accused the other of filming her children then went to grab the woman's handbag to get the camera when the fight broke out.

The women, who were both charged, fell to the ground wrestling before witnesses separated them and led them from the school grounds.

One of the mothers allegedly wanted to continue the fight outside the school, the statement said.

One of the mothers pleaded guilty to offensive behaviour yesterday and was fined $220.

Magistrate Caleb Franklin said that while offensive behaviour was a relatively minor offence, he said the women's conduct was aggravated because it occurred in front of a large number of children.

The mother was subsequently suspended from attending the school and that suspension remains in place, the court heard.

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