How to survive on $2 a day

UNIVERSITY student Lachlan Stevens knows all about living on a budget.

But even he agrees he would struggle to survive on just $2 a day.

That is what he will attempt from Monday in a new fund-raiser called Live Below the Line.

The project is part of an Oaktree foundation national campaign to promote awareness of extreme poverty.

Participants are sponsored to try to live on $2 a day for five days.

Mr Stevens, who is studying communications at the University of Newcastle, said he planned to join forces with other participants and buy in bulk – and would probably eat a lot of rice.

He has raised $200 to date and would like to make it to $1000.

‘‘I want to raise awareness of how serious extreme poverty is,’’ he said.

“It’s staggering just how many people are forced to live off just a fraction of what we live off here in Australia.’’

Live Below the Line began in 2010 when two Melbourne housemates created an experience to connect participants with the 1.4 billion people globally who live below the poverty line. Money raised will go towards building disability schools in Papua New Guinea.

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