Butterfly Effect playing at Panthers

THE Butterfly Effect may be farewelling a member, but it doesn’t signal the end of the band. Instead, it’s a beginning, drummer Ben Hall told LIVE.In their 10 years together, the Brisbane alternative metal band have chalked up three gold albums, two top-five albums, six top-100 singles and more than 200,000 records sold in Australia.

The four-piece included Ben Hall on drums, Glenn Esmond on bass and vocals, Kurt Goedhart on guitar and Clint Boge on lead vocals. But earlier this year The Butterfly Effect, or TBE to their fans, announced that Boge, pictured second from left, was leaving the band to pursue other musical interests.

Hall told LIVE that after the band farewells Boge with their national Effected tour, including a show at Newcastle Panthers on May 10, the remaining members of the band will continue as The Butterfly Effect.

‘‘My initial reaction was, it’s over. For the first week or so I thought, it’s been great but it’s come to an end. But then the three of us left over thought, well, why is it over?’’ Hall said.

‘‘The way we’ve written over the past decade is we’ve always written blocks of songs, blocks of music for Clint to come in and work on. Obviously the frontman is the focal point of most bands and a lot of people might have some sort of problem with us without Clint, but I think there’s three-quarters of the decision process still here so it’ll be pretty much the same band with a new vocalist.’’

Hall said the remaining three members were also reluctant to leave their Butterfly Effect achievements behind.

Not to mention the practicalities of starting from scratch in the music industry – as a father of two, the drummer wasn’t keen on putting in the years of touring it takes to establish a band.

To their credit, the band certainly more than ticked that box with more than a thousand shows over two years which took them far and wide across the country.

‘‘I think that people should be able to cut us a little bit of slack knowing we did tour really hard in an attempt to kind of get the music to as many people as possible,’’ Hall said.

‘‘If we had to start again at this juncture it would be really tough. It definitely makes more sense to go on as TBE and the three members that are still here.’’

And Hall says the imminent line-up change has invigorated the band to take on recording the new album with renewed enthusiasm.

‘‘We’ve probably got even more of a fire in our bellies [compared to] when we first started playing. We’ve got something to prove. I’m sure that everything we have learnt over the years and we’ve done is going to help to make this next record amazing.’’

The trio, who plan to add the new vocalist after Boge’s farewell tour, have already begun working on 22 new songs and hope to have a single out by the end of the year to ‘‘start the ball in motion again’’.

‘‘We’ve started looking, we really want to keep it all in-house if we can, we don’t really want to have to advertise,’’ Hall said.

‘‘We’ve been in the industry 11 years and we know a lot of guys in bands and producers we’ve worked with. Surely someone will know someone that can sing and who could maybe fit the bill with us.’’

In the meantime, The Butterfly Effect are concentrating on their tour, which coincides with the release of the band’s best-of album, Effected.

Hall said the release came at a fortuitous time, ‘‘book-ending’’ the time with Boge.

‘‘It celebrates the years we spent together ... obviously I don’t really listen to a lot of the old music we’ve written but once I got the [Effected] disc I popped it in the CD player in the car and had a listen,’’ he said.

‘‘It brought back a lot of memories and has probably helped this tour be a bit more sentimental – thinking we did all this together, we achieved all these things.’’

The Butterfly Effect will play at Newcastle Panthers on May 10. Tickets at Moshtix.

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