Port council to decide on rezone plan at compost site

A plan to rezone land between Kings Hill and a Raymond Terrace North composting plant for 320 residential blocks will go to councillors tonight.

Council staff have recommended councillors refuse the rezoning for the area between the Kings Hill site and the Bedminster waste composting plant.

The $1billion Kings Hill development is expected to add up to 4500 houses to the Raymond Terrace area over about 25 years.

Approving the nearby rezoning would clear the way for a 320-block concept plan on the 41.5hectare site, most of which falls inside a one-kilometre odour buffer imposed around the Bedminster plant.

Developing land in the buffer zone is a ‘‘deferred matter’’ under the Kings Hill planning documents, primarily due to the potential odour impacts presented by the compost and landfill.

Any buildings within 250 metres of landfill would be required to undergo monthly methane and carbon dioxide testing.

Council staff advised councillors to turn down the rezoning, arguing the Kings Hill housing injection would meet requirements in the area without the odour problems.

‘‘There is an element of risk both to the future operation of the Bedminster waste management facility and landfill, and future residents, if the subject land is rezoned,’’ the report says.

‘‘There is already a large supply of residential zoned land at Kings Hill [so] there is no substantial public-interest reason in rezoning the subject land under this circumstance.

‘‘It follows that the reasonable planning approach is not to encourage residential development in such areas.’’

The rezoning application was originally lodged in 2007, but delayed due to updated aircraft noise maps in the intervening years.

Councillors will consider the proposal at tonight’s committee meeting.

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