War, what is it good for?

THE fear propagated by the ‘‘potential strategic uncertainty’’ of the Asia-Pacific region (‘‘Dangers in defence cuts’’ Herald 4/5) is one consideration.

Another is that since the GFC the point has been missed.

The more enlightened leaders would not risk a war and the collapse of their economy.

China last year spent more on internal security than its defence budget. Stable growth is needed to maintain internal cohesion. China needs our raw materials, we want their goods and money. The GFC has shown that if large economies fail we all suffer.

Anyway, invasion is only good for land acquisition and expensive to maintain. There’s no need for war, you can buy land wherever if you have the money.

The only economies to have benefited from war are going broke and have large military industries.

Declare Australia neutral and spend the defence budget on health, infrastructure, education and humanitarian relieft.

Terry Ford, Williamtown

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