FISHING: Mothers win with weather

BIG swells have kept the surfers happy this week, and there may well be a silver lining for anglers today and tomorrow.

Epic waves encourage fish, especially big snapper, to move in for a feed once they abate.

And today and tomorrow look like a super window to go hunting.

Sunday may well be a write-off, with a new low forming off the Tasman expected to ring in another southerly change and big seas.

But that’s OK, because Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Today and tomorrow will be perfect for fishing, and that’s only fair.

There’s been a bit of snapper action off Boat Harbour this week.

Click on the image below to see a gallery of past Fish of the Week winners.


Shane Wilson, who runs Rush Hour Charters at Nelson Bay, got a dozen, all around the 4kg mark, all on soft plastics.

Brent ‘‘Hammer’’ Hancock, from Tackleworld Port Stephens, reckons that as winter descends we’ll see more.

‘‘They head into the washes to spawn,’’ Hammer said yesterday.

‘‘And after big seas, they move in to feed on anything that’s been stirred up.

‘‘We’ve seen a few mac tuna and bonito in there this week as well. Best things to use are small skirted lures, or larger hard bodies and just troll them around the washes.

‘‘We’ve seen some big tailor in there this week, too, especially around Fingal.

‘‘Some consistent size, too.

‘‘As you’d expect with the big moon, there’s trag and jew on local reefs like the ‘V’ and ‘21’.’’

Inside the bay the bream fishing has never been better, with anglers reporting good meaty catches from Soldiers Point up to Karuah and around Tilligerry Creek.

And luderick are everywhere along the breakwalls.

Kingies in the swing

SEAN Davies, from Toronto Bait and Tackle, wasn’t surprised when informed yesterday that this week’s fish of the week was a kingfish caught at Rathmines, south of Toronto.

‘‘There’s been a few caught around Toronto, too, and Pulbah [Island], Coal Point,’’ Sean said.

‘‘They’ve been a bit of a bi-catch among the schools of tailor which have been plentiful this week, with some fish up to 60cm.

‘‘Lots of guys have been getting into them.

‘‘They’ve been picking up salmon as well. Decent size, too.

‘‘Early morning and late arvo have been the go, using pilchards or just trolling with divers or chrome lures.’’

Sean reckoned the ‘‘supermoon’’ we had early last week hadn’t seemed to affect fishing that much, but did note guys are still getting some cracking flathead.

Outside has quietened down, but luderick are going ballistic along the rocks.

One back, two forward

FURTHER to this week’s Fish of the Week winner, Brett Boz.

The photo was sent in by Joanne Roberts, who has the mooring next to Brett’s in Catalina Bay.

‘‘We were on the other boat when he hooked up,’’ Joanne said yesterday.

‘‘He didn’t know what it was at first – maybe a jew.

‘‘Because of all the mooring on his boat and others around, he had to undo his dinghy.

‘‘He’d wind in 30foot and it would take 60foot and it just dragged him out into the bay.

‘‘It was funny to watch.

‘‘We took some photos and a bit of video.’’

Apparently Brett promised to share his catch around, but by the time he rowed back, Joanne and her tribe had gone home.

Pipes of glory

TREVOR Notley, from Sandy Bottom boat charter, has an interesting life.

Apart from running fishing trips off Newcastle and leisurely cruises up to Morpeth for lunch, Trev takes divers out to the sewerage outlet, about 1.5km off Dudley, up to six times a year for research purposes.

‘‘The guys collect water samples and sediment off the bottom, check to see if the diffuser is working effectively and whether it can be improved, and also deploy bags of oysters to see what they’re filtering,’’ Trevor said yesterday.

Of particular interest to anglers is that they get a guy to swim out 50m in various directions from the buoy locater and write down details of every fish they see.

Don’t worry, they turn the outlet off beforehand.

‘‘There’s a significant lot of fish out here,’’ Trev reported as he piloted the divers back to shore.

‘‘They’ve seen a whole range of species including jew, and tuna on the surface – seems to be more fish around than last dive.’’

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