Teens warned not to dob: Court

‘‘WHOEVER’S the dog here, I’ll find yez and I’ll hurt yez’’ was the message Chad Ross Shedden, 34, gave to a group of teenagers shortly before he shot and killed Joshua Maynard, Newcastle Supreme Court heard yesterday.

One of the teens, aged 16 at the time, said he understood there was going to be ‘‘a fight’’ and they were being warned by the older man not to dob anyone in for anything that was ‘‘going to go on’’.

He had seen Mr Shedden holding a gun earlier in the night, and had overheard him having a conversation with his brother, John Shedden, and another teenager about an assault on the teenager’s best friend.

The assault occurred about 9.30pm on July 29, 2010, when the teenager and four of his mates, whom he described as being ‘‘pretty pissed’’, were walking through the streets of Raymond Terrace.

They were walking and yelling out things like ‘‘LSC’’, meaning Lakeside Crew, which was ‘‘just a basketball team’’, he said.

A carload of other youths drove past them, then doubled back, with music blaring and two passengers hanging out of the car windows, and stopped nearby.

His best friend approached the vehicle and knelt down on one knee to see inside the car and said, ‘‘Oh, I think I know you’’, when Josh Maynard got out of the car and kneed him in the eye, the witness said.

After that, members of both groups ‘‘jumped in’’ to back each other up and other punches were thrown.

The groups dispersed and the teenager went to the aid of his friend whose face was ‘‘beaten pretty badly’’, and they walked to another mate’s house.

When asked how he was feeling at that stage, the teen said he was ‘‘sort of scared for my best friend’’.

After about 15 minutes they went to a second house, one member of the group bringing along with him a sword.

At the second house the teen was introduced to the Shedden brothers for the first time, and that was when he saw Chad Shedden holding a wooden-handled gun.

When the group left a short time later the teenager said he didn’t know where they were going, and he didn’t ask.

When they arrived at Links Drive, where Mr Maynard was later shot in the chest, a car stopped at the end of the street.

‘‘We were in between trees and sort of hiding to wait for them to come down the street,’’ he said.

Mr Shedden has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Mr Maynard, but not guilty to murder saying he was acting in self-defence when he shot Mr Maynard, 21, in the chest.

The trial continues.

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