School parents in shock over sexual chocolate gifts

PARENTS at Woodberry Public School were left horrified after children were given erotic chocolates to hand out for Mother’s Day.

Parents said children as young as five were given a clear plastic bag containing chocolate penises and breasts to give to their mums during a Mother’s Day afternoon tea on Friday.

The NSW Education Department said it was a parent-organised fund-raiser and when the principal Josie Bailey became aware of the incident she apologised.

Karen Meredith said her 11-year-old daughter handed her the package.

‘‘I’m totally shocked, totally disappointed and quite annoyed,’’ she said.

Ms Meredith said another mother was appalled and complained after she went to share a chocolate with her child.

‘‘Some of the kids giving them out were quite young,’’ Ms Meredith said. ‘‘I find it quite rude and disgusting.

‘‘... If [the organisers] had given it to us personally, I would have found it funny.’’

One member of the school Parents and Citizens Committee has apparently quit in protest over the gifts.

School dad Dean Pethebridge was also outraged, although his wife did not attend. They have three daughters at the school.

‘‘It’s extremely inappropriate," he said. "If any of us [parents] put something like that in a kid’s lunchbox World War Three would break loose and the Department of Community Services would be involved."

Cassandra Lacey, who has two children at the school, was told the chocolates were left over from a ‘‘ladies night’’.

‘‘It was porn at primary school,’’ she said. ‘‘I received two penises, a breast, a bum and a couple having intercourse. I can see the funny side if it’s at a hen’s night but not a primary school.’’

A woman with grandchildren at the school said she could not believe anyone thought the chocolates to be handed out on school grounds: ‘‘A little girl was about to bite into a penis and she said ‘what’s this?’ and I said ‘you better go talk to your mother’.’’

A department spokeswoman said yesterday’s event was organised by parents for parents: ‘‘It had nothing todo with the school. As soon as someone pointed it out the school principal went and apologised to each parent.’’

She said the school would look carefully at any future handouts done by parents.

Parent organisers were unable to be contacted.

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