TOPICS: Who’s in the picture

HELLO, reader. You’re good at solving things. We’ve always thought so anyway, and we’re asking for your help.

George Wise, the secretary of the Laurieton RSL sub-branch, has an old photo of a soldier and would like to know who it is.

‘‘The photograph came into our possession just before Anzac Day,’’ Mr Wise tells us.

‘‘A lady rang me and said she had found the photo behind a landscape painting she had bought, mainly for the frame, at a jumble sale.’’

Mr Wise accepted the photo gratefully and had the frame restored. An inscription on the photo revealed it was taken at Greenham Studios, Hunter Street, Newcastle.

The soldier’s rank is Second Lieutenant, and Mr Wise says he’s a WorldWar I soldier.

‘‘Other than that there is no other information,’’ Mr Wise says.

‘‘Perhaps one of your readers may be able to assist.’’

Perhaps indeed. So how about it? Do you know more about the soldier in the photo?

We’d also like to know more about Greenham. We couldn’t find out much about them, but we did come across this old photo they took of the BHP Steel Works.

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