Doom, boom-boom!

MOST people will not remember Lord Haw Haw. His real name was William Joyce. He was an Irish-American who was employed by the Nazis during World War II as a propagandist.

Every evening he would bombard the British with tales of doom and disaster and how the Brits would lose the war, and how great the German forces were doing.

These speeches were intended to demoralise the Brits and make them surrender. They became the most popular radio program in Britain. It was estimated that 12million people listened to Germany Calling. They would dash home from work to ensure they did not miss him.

Everyone thought him the most comical character of the day.

We have Tony Abbott. He constantly preaches doom and disaster and has the capacity to inspire hysterical laughter.

Long may he continue, we wouldn’t be without him. We all need a good laugh now and again.

Tom Edwards

Wangi Wangi

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