Parents divided over sexy chocolates fund-raiser

A BUNGLED Mother’s Day event where children were given erotic chocolates has exposed a bitter rift among parents at Woodberry Public School.

The Newcastle Herald reported on Saturday that several parents were horrified that bags containing chocolate penises and breasts were handed to children to give to their mums.

Others have since leapt to the defence of the school’s Parents and Citizens committee.

A parent, Adam Moon, said yesterday the negative reaction had been exaggerated by parents who had ‘‘personal issues’’ with members of the committee.

‘‘If there’s an opportunity to have a whinge about [the committee], they’re going to take it.

‘‘There are some personal issues involved with it all.’’

Mr Moon said the chocolates were supposed to be handed to parents by other parents, but that the process was ‘‘mishandled’’ and children were given the bags instead.

‘‘From my point of view, I think it’s a minor matter,’’ Mr Moon said.

Another parent, identifying herself as ‘‘Jen’’ on the Herald website, said the chocolates were inappropriate but defended the committee and the school’s principal.

‘‘The kids see worse on television on a daily basis,’’ she said.

Another poster, ‘‘Dottie’’, urged parents to support the school.

‘‘The principal at that school does a great job, so lay off,’’ she said. ‘‘And instead of criticising the P&C, why not pull your weight and join.’’

NSW Country P&C vice-president Mary Lawson, who is based in the Hunter, said giving out the chocolates was ‘‘not a good idea’’.

‘‘As a parent, I wouldn’t like it,’’ she said.

‘‘But I don’t know the full story.’’

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