Kids believe parents work too hard: study

ABOUT one in three 10-year-old children say their parents work too hard, and about one quarter of all parents agree, research by the Australian Institute for Family Studies shows.

Researchers asked 4000 children, aged 10 to 11, about their parents’ working habits.

About 35per cent thought their fathers worked too much, while 27per cent said their mothers did.

And if parents felt they worked too hard, the children felt the same. When fathers said their work made family time less fun, 43per cent of children said their dads worked too much. It was the same with mothers, with a third of children saying their mothers worked too hard when the mothers had said work made family time less enjoyable.

The study shows are children are sensitive to their parents’ work and stresses, researcher Dr Jennifer Baxter says.

Despite the challenges, 67per cent of parents said work had a positive effect on their children, with parents more likely to feel good about working as their children got older.

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