Straight off to the dump

APPARENTLY the e-waste drop-off at Gateshead last Saturday was a great success, according to a spokesperson from Lake Macquarie City Council. Several tonnes of e-waste were diverted from landfill. The council says it provides this free service to reduce the cost and environmental impact of electronic waste.

But Lake Macquarie residents are leaving hundreds of tonnes of e-waste on the footpath for the council’s bulk waste collection service. Thousands of old TVs, computers, printers and other electronic devices are crunched up in the compactor and dropped into landfill with the rest of the rubbish.

Why does the council continue to allow e-waste to be part of bulk waste collection? Why do local, state and commonwealth governments ignore their responsibilities to generations not yet born by not mandating the recycling of all e-waste?

We cannot continue trashing the planet and leaving our descendants with our mess to clean up.

Steve Weatherstone, Warners Bay

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