East Maitland couple win Block's bathroom challenge

EAST Maitland couple Brad Cranfield and Lara Welham won the bathroom challenge on NBN reality program The Block last night and picked up $5000.

It was a grand design for the Hunter renovators, who have been tagged the easy-going, hard workers of The Block’s couples.

‘‘We don’t fight much even in our normal lives,’’ Mr Cranfield told Topics. ‘‘Lara likes to think she wins when we do fight, but it’s probably me,’’ he added cheekily.

The former Newcastle representative footballer and ex-Hunter Jaegars netballer are among the final four couples on the show.

They are competing in a frantic 10-week contest to renovate equally dilapidated terrace houses in inner-city South Melbourne.

While couples such as Dan and Dani have cracked at times under the pressure and bickered, the Hunter duo have remained calm despite having the largest house to renovate.

So what’s their secret? Is Cranfield a big romantic under that burly facade?

‘‘Ahem, no,’’ Lara said.

According to the couple they have been together six years and figured out each other’s quirks.

As for the other couples ... let’s get back to more hammering and yelling

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