Trees better elsewhere

I AM writing about the report on the recent environmental vandalism of trees on a strip of harbour foreshore (‘‘Ocean views to kill for, as trees pay the price’’ Herald 18/5).

I have bushland between where I live and the waterfront, but I often wonder why people are condemned for wanting to preserve their waterfront view. Land developers are destroying bushland and waterfront properties by the mile without a whimper, but when someone buys a house with water views there is always someone who wants to plant a tree right in the middle of it.

We should be planting trees – but we should be planting them in clumps of hundreds, where the birds and wildlife will have a chance to survive. The beautiful bottlebrush along the roadside and between the traffic lanes on highways look really good, but they surely aren’t there for the wildlife. Birds have to fly the gauntlet of trucks to get to the flowers in the middle of the road.

More thought needs to go into our tree planting. The last thing we want to do is alienate the wildlife or the public. Just because you plant a tree where no one can see it doesn’t mean it isn’t doing the environment any good. Surely there are other places they can be planted, instead of stuck in front of someone’s view.

Sue Parnaby, Swansea

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