Mothers' plea to find missing teens

DONNA Farmer still treasures the kiss her daughter gave her before leaving for school a week ago.

De-arne McKenna has found herself trudging through the Shortland wetlands with a torch at 6am looking for clues.

They are two distraught mothers who have made an emotional public plea to find their missing children, 13-year-old Kaylah Robinson and her boyfriend, Jake Mackenzie, 15.

If you can help, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or email

The pair have not been seen since Kaylah ran from Dale Christian College at Waratah on May 17 and left with Jake.

Kaylah and Jake have been friends since earlier last term and their families had no inclination they intended to run off together.

They said neither teen had done so before and they were at a loss to explain why they would now.

"I don't want Jake to think he cannot come home," Ms McKenna, of Glendale, said yesterday.

"I just want to say to him that 'I love you, mate'.

"I am scared. Are they surviving.

"I want to know if he is safe. His brothers and sisters miss him terribly.

"You are not in trouble. We just want you home."

Ms McKenna has spent each night trawling through lonely parks looking for the teens.

Ms Farmer, of One Mile Beach, said her daughter left without her medication.

"The last time I saw her was when I dropped her at school. She gave me a kiss, said 'I love you mum' and went to class," Ms Farmer said.

"It's a week tomorrow and I am worried sick. Please come home, we love you."

The families have posted flyers throughout Port Stephens and Newcastle.

Police have taken missing persons reports for the pair.

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