Close the park at night

THE mindless destruction of our history is abhorrent and disturbing (‘‘‘Senseless’ destruction’’ Herald 23/5). Perhaps like other parks in Sydney, King Edward Park should be closed to traffic at night, as it was in the past.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that the park has been given over to the car and there is an element who view this coastal road as a drag strip. They are not there for the magnificent views or the enjoyment of the park itself. Driving, rather that walking, has become the approved way of travelling through the park. The park offers little in the way of footpaths. All-day parking, even on the sharp bends, means it is difficult for someone with a stroller or small child to enjoy the magnificent coastal walk. This needs to be addressed.

The proposed Bathers Way, by encouraging pedestrian access beside the road, will help to alter the balance and create a different emphasis, perhaps discouraging senseless acts like this.

Margaret Ostinga, Newcastle

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