Through your eyes: The Pasha Bulker

If you type 'Pasha Bulker' into a search engine, you'll find plenty of videos and photos of the June 2007 storms and their aftermath.

In fact, the giant ship beached at Nobbys has become one of the most well known Novocastrian scenes.

The Newcastle Herald caught up with some of the people who shared their vision on YouTube.

Tobi Smith

"As we drove up to Nobbys Beach the storm had died down a bit, but it was still very windy and rainy. Underground carparks we could see from the street were full of water. Many parked cars had washed up onto median strips and footpaths with the flood waters. It was all very exciting! When we finally arrived the ship looked so enormous we thought there was no way it would ever be moved from the beach."


Catherine Croll

"We knew something dramatic was happening as the storm was so wild. My fourth floor attic windows blew out into the back lane, torn right off their hinges when I opened the front door on Scott Street. Our friends in Beach Street told us what was happening and we heard all of the sirens, fire, ambulance, police rushing down. We couldn't believe how big the ship was close up, waves breaking right over it. Lucky to 'beach' on the sand at Nobbys really, otherwise she could have broken up at the Cowrie Hole. We heard the the crew were all terrific, threatening to jump over board. The helicopter rescue was incredibly dangerous, the conditions were atrotious. We watched, all holding our breath, as the brave rescuers were lowered down on ropes which were swinging wildly in the wind, picking the crew of the deck one by one..."


Bill Olive

Bill Olive's video was taken from his ultra-light aircraft. He says he's been around long enough to remember the Sygna so it was "just another boat on the beach." Up until that day the weather had been pretty bad and, of course, a lot of people were flooded and so too was the airfield that housed his aircraft.


After a while though some of of the smaller ones were able to get out and that's when he had the opportunity to take this footage. He says it was a glorious day and he must have been one of the last ones through before authorities imposed a no-fly zone around the ship.



Do you have images or footage of the Pasha Bulker or the 2007 storms you'd like to share? Email

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