If pipis go, the fish go

I AM a regular Stockton beach fisher and have been for 15 years, and I have seen the population of pipis rapidly decline to the present level. There are now virtually no pipis of useable size (‘‘Plea to give pipi population time for full recovery’’ Herald 25/5).

The ban on taking pipis from the beach has already made a difference. While beach worming recently, I saw hundreds of juvenile pipis visible in the wash as the waves receded. I did not however see any full-grown pipis. John Clarke, quoted in the report, is absolutely correct in suggesting that the ban on harvesting pipis be extended. To now allow commercial harvesting would see the few mature pipis gone. I understand that professional fishermen need to make a living – but to wipe out the pipis now means no future at all for professionals and amateurs alike.

The vicious circle is that if there are no pipis on the beach, the fish that rely on pipis as their principal food will go elsewhere. This is not rocket science. Commonsense, please.

Rob Irvin, Anna Bay

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