Ships move out to sea to prepare for expected storm

ALL 13 ships waiting at anchor to enter the Port of Newcastle had moved further out to sea to prepare for

Corporation spokesman Keith Powell said anchorage arrangements had changed to avoid a repeat of the Pasha Bulker.

But the port corporation could still only ask – rather than order – ships’ captains to move their vessels.

In this case, the 13 waiting close to shore had acknowledged the corporation’s safety concerns and pulled anchor to steam further out to sea.

Changes to shipping arrangements made after the Pasha Bulker resulted in the creation of two open-ocean waiting grounds – one off New Guinea and the other about 100 nautical miles off the Newcastle coast – with vessels moving closer to the coast just before entering the port.

The expected storm has been predicted to generate ocean swells of up to seven metres but the wave-rider buoy at Nobbys was recording a swell of just two metres this afternoon.

Although waiting ships were moving out to sea the port was still open for business with vessels arriving and departing and moving between berths.

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