Bring on the revolution

SINCE I bought my first personal computer in 1978 I have seen the cost per byte drop from $1 to $0.0000000000001, a trillion-fold improvement in ‘‘bang for the buck’’.

Since I bought my first solar panel system two years ago I have seen the installed cost drop from $4 to $1.30 per watt.

While this may seem no more than nerdish statistics, it is revolutionary. At $1.30 per watt it’s cheaper to install solar (even without subsidies) than to pay for electricity.

And while electricity cost is doubling every few years, solar is halving. Today, for the equivalent cost of three to four years’ worth of electricity bills, you can install a solar PV system to completely eliminate them.

Next year it will be cheaper still. When we wake up to this, expect a rooftop revolution.

George Parry


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