Pause, touch, engage

GO on. You know you want to.

Make a joke about haggis. Or bagpipes.

Right. Now that’s out of your system, has anyone seen Willie Wallace?

For those who missed the Wallabies’ loss to Scotland at Hunter Stadium, Willie’s the braveheart who gave us a glimpse of the Scottish lowlands.

He really was brave. It was a cold night. He risked parading before 20,000 as Scotland the shrivelled.

With his message delivered, Willie lowered his kilt and clambered back over the fence.

Hunter Stadium management – who we sense had a giggle about the whole thing – tell us invading the field is definitely not OK. You can get slapped with a $5500 fine.

Which begs the question: did Willie’s pale salute book him a trip to the station?

Or did he remain a free Willie? At any rate, he didn’t look like he had anywhere to carry $5500.

So let us know if you’re out there, brave Willie Wallace. Your identity will be safe with us. They may take your money, but they’ll never take your lower-body freedom.

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