FISHING: Prodigy strikes again

THIS week it’s time to pay tribute to the power of passion and persistence of 11-year-old angler Chelsea Lovett, from Swansea.

Chelsea has been bombarding the Newcastle Herald fishing email with photos of her fishing prowess for the past three months.

And as you can see from the pictures below (click on the image for more), she’s been getting amongst it.


But it’s a tricky equation deciding each week which fish wins. More often than not preference is given to a ‘‘WOW’’ fish, like a monster mulloway or marlin, over, say, big ‘‘bag’’ type testimonials of less glamorous fish species.

But as any batsman will tell you, weight of runs eventually sways selectors.

And so it has come to pass this week.

We can no longer deny Chelsea the recognition and acclaim that is rightfully her’s for her pure dogged love of fishing (and perhaps photography).

Chelsea first came to our attention on April 19 this year when she emailed in a photo of a 42cm bream and a 44cm whiting caught fishing the channel at Swansea.

They were two fish from a bag of 15 caught that Saturday morning at 6am.

On April 25 she was at it again – another harvest from the shallows at Swansea with the heartfelt opening to her email: ‘‘Trying again for catch of the week’’!!

The exclamation marks were hers.

On May 17 we received the next email:

‘‘Went fishing with her dad last Saturday morning in the Swansea Channel. Using a 4lb line she helped catch most of these getting up at 4am with her dad. The catch was: 26 whiting, 7 bream, and 1 flathead. The largest was the 55cm flathead and a 48cm whiting.’’

A week later we get the next contact:

‘‘Good to see the lake abundant with fish!!!!!! Chelsea Lovett, of Swansea, with another great catch last Saturday morning with her dad ... 13 bream, 15 whiting, 2 blue swimmers, 1 flathead and 1 tailor. Thanks to Tackle Power for choice blood worms. All caught in shallows on 4 lb line.’’

And then this latest missive on May 31:

‘‘Chelsea Lovett of Swansea tries again!! There were no live worms to be seen in any tackle shops for bait this week so Chelsea’s dad braved the strong westerly winds early Saturday morn at 2am to catch 50 live prawns in the channel for bait which resulted in 12 bream, 5 huge whiting and a flathead on Saturday arvo and into the night. Chelsea caught her biggest bream yet @ 47.5cm which got caught around the anchor rope. Lucky dad was there to help her, caught 48cm whiting in Swansea channel on 5 lb line. She is a keen fisher girl, loves going with dad.’’

There’s no arguing with that. In fact, we weren’t arguing in the first place, but hat’s off to Chelsea.

We wish her many more successful fishing sorties with the old man.


Click on the image above to see some of the past Fish of the Week winners.

Storm brings the fish out

FISHING this week has taken a back seat to the weather, but expect opportunities aplenty around the rocks and washes once the seas abate.

A lot of food will be stirred up and the fish will be feeding.

Farewell to a good man

THE world farewelled a good man this week in former Herald journalist and avid angler Peter Jory.

‘PJ’ loved his family and his fishing and will be missed by all – a true keeper if ever there was one.

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