Monorail: What you said

Would you support the Sydney monorail being brought to Newcastle?

Phil Moody, 44, of Metford

Considering people [in Sydney] complain about it being an eyesore I don’t see that it would be any better than the existing railway line, so, in a way, probably no, I’d say leave the railway line as it is. It [the monorail] is no better than what we’ve got.

Kerry Sweetnam, 47,  of Lake Munmorah

Yes, I think it would be much quicker and easier for everybody and if it was quicker for me to get here I would probably catch a train, and if it was more reliable.

Jeffrey Noble,  71, of Cooks Hill

Yes. All these new restaurants and cafes they’ve just opened up here, they’re bringing more people into here, and at the weekends the foreshore is packed, and the council is making thousands of dollars out of parking.

Rhiannon Rene, 24, of Newcastle

Sure. Would it be free do you think, like the buses are? I think it could be good. If I had family that hadn’t seen Newcastle I would get them on it.

Greg Hyslop, 41, of Speers Point

If you were getting rid of the train line? Absolutely. Because that train line has stifled development in Newcastle forever. They originally built the Newcastle retail district too long, it needed to be more condensed, and that was because the train line caused it to stretch, rather than centering it around here [the centre of the Hunter Street mall]. I think it would just open the development right through to the harbour. That’s  a great place for a train line for a working port, it’s a lousy place for a train line in a commercial city.

Michael Dowson, 54, of Sydney

Put down a tick from me ... As long as they get the connections organised well, so there’s always something waiting for you at the end of the train, where you can jump on and go wherever you need to go, that would be a brilliant solution. But having a heavy gauge rail into the centre of town, that’s not necessary. What you really need is step on, step off kind of transport, around the Newcastle CBD, so it’s really easy for people to get where they want to go within the CBD.

Sam Barrett, 32, of Maryland

Yes. Newcastle is a pretty nice place overall, it’s a nice city centre, it would be good to get more people in here with better transport. We need transport, definitely, into the heart of the city for older people, surfers, family, you’ve got to have some way of getting around, and it might be less disruptive to traffic. Parking around here sucks so I might use it. 

Linda Harrison, 53, of Stockton

That’s an interesting thought, it sounds like a good idea. I think a lot of people have been complaining about how they’re going to get from Wickham into the city [if the railway line is removed]. It sounds like a good plan.

Stuart Gray, 31, of Cooks Hill

Do I support it? Yes, but I’ll tell you what will happen is the state government will spend $60million ripping up the railway line, sell it off as high-rise space, make about $300million for selling the land and they won’t give us the monorail at all because despite the fact that $100million in coal royalties go down the highway every single day from us loading ships, they’re to pay for Sydney skyscrapers, not Newcastle infrastructure, that’s why they only replaced the red rattlers 10 years ago.

Anjali Mukherjee, 48, of Newcastle

The heavy rail must stay. Why do we have to be the only city in the world that doesn’t have a railway [line] that goes straight into town. I live in town and I take the train to Sydney. They are building more and more flats in the city and people want to be able to go into Sydney on that train. Backpackers come into the city on that train. I mean people with cars just don’t realise. It’s only because it’s Newcastle that they think they can stomp all over us and they just want the property saved. It’s pure greed.

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