TOPICS: Rutherford girls star in One Direction concert

SOME students stress out between HSC exams.

Jessica Dyson and Sally Trotter made a video instead, and their favourite boy band played it at Madison Square Garden.

The Rutherford pair, both 17, showed up in a montage at One Direction’s New York concert earlier this month.

On a free day during the exam period, the girls filmed themselves on an iPhone in a remake of the One Direction hit Live While We’re Young. 

They sent it to the band’s management and never heard back. The first they knew of their starring role was when footage of the gig hit YouTube.

‘‘There was a lot of screaming,’’ Jess told us.

To give you an idea how big a deal this is, the video for One Direction’s song What Makes You Beautiful has amassed 300 million online views. 

Even the fans’ grainy mobile footage of the concert where Jess and Sally’s video was played have garnered 200,000 views.

For legions of teenaged girls, the thought of their image sharing a planet with the British boy band is enough to induce tears, let alone sharing a stage.

And the Rutherford friends are pretty big fans. They can boast special edition magazines, clothes, trips to the 1D World Store in Sydney, and Jess has a (band member) Harry doll.

‘‘I don’t play with it,’’ Jess clarified. ‘‘That would be weird.’’

Falling as we do outside the One Direction target demographic, we had to ask: what’s with the screaming? And the crying? 

‘‘It’s just when they come out, everyone gets so excited that it kind of just happens,’’ Jess said.

See the One Direction concert video 

See the girls original video 

Sensible sibling sneaks into port

THE maritime equivalent of Doug Pitt slid into Newcastle yesterday, without the fuss of its famous sibling.

The Perla Bulker docked in Newcastle Harbour at about 11.30am, making a better fist of it than its sister ship the Pasha Bulker five years ago.

The Pasha made global headlines in June 2007 as it floundered on Nobbys Reef during a massive storm, becoming the third thing the rest of the country associates with Newcastle after Jennifer Hawkins and rust.

The Pasha was repaired, repainted black and renamed the Drake. What a diva. Let’s celebrate the sensible sibling, which is eerily reminiscent of the Pasha.

For ship spotters, the other carriers in the Lauritzen Bulker’s Panamax fleet are the Penda, Patya, Luci and Palma bulkers.

Get on the floor with JLo’s dancing dish

DIRTY DANCING: JLo and Casper. 

IN Cardiff tomorrow? Don’t mind a bit of Jenny from the Block? Then why not take the kids to dance with JLo’s fella?

If that sounds far-fetched, rest assured: I’m real. (That was a reference to Jennifer Lopez’s 2000 single I’m Real with Ja Rule.)

Beau ‘‘Casper’’ Smart, JLo’s dancer and choreographer boyfriend currently touring Australia with her, will host a workshop at Physical Funk for Kids dance studio at Cardiff. 

Smart is 25 years’ old (Lopez is 43), but the Cardiff studio’s owner Tina Perry says the lad is far more than an accessory for the star.

Ms Perry met the dancer on a trip to Los Angeles a few years ago. She mentioned his resemblance to her son, and they became friends.

‘‘He’s had a great career in his own right, and worked with Beyonce and Eminem, as well as JLo,’’ Ms Perry told us.

‘‘When he actually got with [Lopez] I was like ‘wow, she’s lucky to have him’.’’

Smart will take three classes between noon and 3pm. We don’t want to whip up excitement over nothing, but a Google search suggests JLo has a habit of showing up at her beau’s classes.

Ms Perry told us she hadn’t been informed of any high-profile cameos. You can book a place at

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