RAIL DECISION: What you said

John O’Connor, 60, Maitland

‘‘I think it’s a great idea, the decision, it’s going to help the top of town that needs to be revitalised. It’s not a good decision for everybody but you do what you have to do to help your local economy.’’

Helen Humphries, 47, Merewether

‘‘I’m in two minds about it. Change is good depending on what they’re actually going to do, but the train brings people into town.’’

Ebony English, 22, Newcastle East

‘‘I think it would be a good idea and would open it up a bit more. It provides opportunity for business and buildings near the waterfront.’’

Daniel Fitzgibbon,  18, Wallsend

‘‘I think it’s stupid. How else are people going to get into town? They should have just left it.’’

Elaine Hutchinson, 69, Newcastle

‘‘For the sake of the elderly people I would have liked to have seen it stay because it means a lot to them, and they mean a lot to me.’’

Sandra Williams, 60, Buttaba

‘‘To open all that up, it will beautify Newcastle but I think there’s a better way to do that than bringing buses in.’’

Dominic Colosi, 64, Kemps Creek

‘‘I think it’s the wrong decision. People who want to come to Newcastle by train want to come all the way, not halfway.’’

Wayne Honeyghan, 42, England

‘‘You’re going to put a strain on this [mall] end, I think it’s the wrong decision.’’

Curtis Simpson, 22, New Lambton Heights

‘‘I’m all for it personally just because I drive, so I think to cut it would be a fantastic thing for the area.’’

Lore Barratt, 57, Clarence Town, 57

‘‘I think for young people to be able to come in for the beach and people for the court, they may need to take public transport. I really think what you have you should keep.’’

Sam Scott, 28, The Hill

‘‘I’m for it, I’m sick of seeing trains go past half empty. It holds up all the traffic and stops you getting out to the water. It’s basically a no-brainer.’’

Colin Geatches, 48, Mayfield

‘‘I think it might be a good thing. I think it might open the city a little bit more.’’

Malee Price, 44, Caves Beach

‘‘I think it’s a great idea. People will go into the town more.’’

San Phongsriwat, 32, Hamilton North

‘‘I think it’s OK if there’s another choice of public transport, as long as you have something providing for people to come into the town.’’

Sima Chhetri, 25, Newcastle

‘‘Because of the rail line we have disconnection between Honeysuckle and the other side ... as long as buses are regular and [public transport] is not compromised.

Scott Gelzinnis, 21, Newcastle East

‘‘I think it’s ridiculous. They’re not clear about what’s going to happen ... from the surfing point of view half the people who come are from Maitland.’’

Samantha Munday, 19, New Lambton

‘‘I don’t use the trains often but it would upset me if I did. I think it’s a bad idea.’’

Jackson Cox, 19, Newcastle East

‘‘Are there going to be free buses at 4am in the morning? It sort of turns a 500m walk [from Newcastle station] into a three-kilometre walk.’’

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