What you said: Fines for dropping butts

Should rangers fine smokers for dropping  cigarette butts?

Jeff Hitchins, 44

Raymond Terrace

‘‘It’s a good idea for anywhere you go. It just makes the place look a bit tidier.’’

Alanah Mulholland, 16


‘‘I don’t think it’s a good idea to give them a fine. Give them a warning, but a fine is just ridiculous.’’

Colin O’Brien, 74

Raymond Terrace

‘‘It’s a great idea. They stink and it makes a mess.’’

Robert Townsend, 60

Tea Gardens

‘‘I’m a smoker and it’s disgusting [when cigarettes are left around]. There’s bins everywhere.’’ 

Tracy Jonovski, 48

Raymond Terrace

‘‘It’s a brilliant idea and it’s absolutely needed. It all goes straight into our driver.’’

Veronica Preston, 74

Raymond Terrace

‘‘I think it’s a good idea.’’

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