TOPICS: Newcastle tunes to ring in New Year

THAT novelty song Newcastle, This Place is Pretty Good has 130,000 hits on YouTube, so we’re getting in early and mentioning the latest Newcastle clip so we can say we knew it before it was cool.

And if it flops, meh, no one will remember.

The video for Partyhard, by Wickham band The Main Guy and the Other Guys, is set in Newcastle and could be a hit for New Year’s Eve.

The video is set around Nobbys, Merewether Baths and the Lass O’Gowrie Hotel. The lyrics, funnily enough, are about partying hard.

‘‘It works with the theme of New Year’s pretty well, but that was just the timing of when we got it done,’’ said lead singer and Norwegian expat Erling Grohaug, also known as Duke.

The NBN cameraman plays a fictional (he tells us) version of himself who steals people’s drinks, as well as their taxis and earphones.

‘‘I’m probably a bit annoying if you ask my friends, but not quite that bad,’’ he said.

Grohaug made the video with friend Daniel Loh, and they’ve squeezed in the famous breakwall as well as nightlife staples like the Lass and the View Factory.

You can view the clip from Monday by typing ‘‘The Main Guy and the Other Guys’’ into YouTube.

New Year’s booze advice  

TWO middies? On New Year’s? Nice try, doctors.

We’re not sure how well Hunter New England Health’s advice on how to spend the last night of the year will go down.

‘‘Stick to two standard drinks and don’t drink at all if you’re driving, Hunter New England Health is advising revellers ahead of New Years Eve,’’ said a press release for the service, before quoting alcohol clinical services director Dr Adrian Dunlop.

“Whether you’re male or female, try to keep to two standard drinks.’’

Topics is right behind the bit about not drink-driving, but there aren’t enough bar snacks in the world to loosen us up for a midnight performance of Gangnam Style without more social lubricant than that.

To put it in perspective, an average-sized glass of wine is 1.6 standard drinks, give or take. So don’t drink it too quickly. That’s your night pretty much over.

Two middies of full-strength beer will take you to your two-drink limit. Two middies. Isn’t that called lunch?

But fear not, alcoholic reader. If you stick to light beer, you can go on a four-middy binge and probably get away with it. Hic.

Desperately seeking Jeordie

IF your name’s Jeordie and your wallet feels light, we might know why.

Reader Peter Johnson was walking outside his house at Parkway Avenue, Hamilton East, on Christmas Day when his granddaughter Shaya, 7, saw something flutter in the breeze.

Closer inspection revealed it to be a Christmas card.

‘‘It was just on the footpath,’’ said Peter. ‘‘And it had $30 in it.’’

The card contained two notes, a 20 and a 10, and was addressed to ‘‘Jeordie’’.

It’s from ‘‘Kell, Bill, Archie, Jake and Darcy, xxxx’’. The kisses are from them, not us.

Peter would like to unite the card with its owner, and has left it with us. 

If we can’t find them, we’re taking the $30 to Aldi and splitting a case of beer.

Reader Leanne Rankin also received a Christmas card meant for someone else. It was addressed to Mr and Mrs D Rankin (not her family), and specifically ‘‘Gael, Don and family’’.

It’s from ‘‘Rhonda, Robert and family’’.

‘‘If you have the space to publish this item it might put these old friends back in touch, they obviously don’t know that Mr and Mrs D Rankin have moved,’’ writes Leanne.

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