LETTER: One church won’t  fit all

THE article (‘‘Unholy Row’’ Herald 29/12) did not cover the extent of the ‘‘cash grab’’.  

Each parish has property in addition to the church so there are at least nine clergy houses, church halls and land used for grounds and car parking. 

Some also possess financial endowments arising from past benefactions and the business acumen of individual parishes. 

One can only guess at the multimillion-dollar windfall! 

More seriously, the proposals overlook two features of our Newcastle Anglicanism that seem destined to disappear: a variety of worship styles and pastoral care. 

Variety in worship will be replaced by a ‘‘one size fits all’’ style of worship derived from American Protestantism as the suburban churches offering a more catholic approach are scheduled for closure. 

Newcastle Anglicans have valued the pastoral care provided by a local worshipping community and their priest. 

Now individuals will become one of the crowd (450 plus in tier-one churches) where their pastoral needs may go unnoticed. 

It is to be hoped that the next bishop will recognise this as a bad plan and be able to lead Newcastle churches to a better vision for their future, provided that he or she is allowed to choose.

 Margaret Marchant,

 Buff Point 

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