Course helps find your inner peasant

NOT everyone was Cleopatra or Henry VIII in a past life, therapist Kaz Thorpe says.

In fact, most people were more likely to have been peasants, soldiers or just a regular person.

Ms Thorpe is a psychotherapist who also does past-life therapy.

She will run a one-day course on past-life exploration in May, as   one of WEA Hunter’s semester one lifestyle courses.

Some of the other more unusual and exotic courses on offer this year  include a paranormal boot camp, the history of Irish Australia, Chinese watercolour, whipper snipper maintenance, Moroccan cooking and using auction site eBay.

Ms Thorpe said her course was designed to be a ‘‘bit of fun’’ and allow people of all beliefs to ask questions.

‘‘Past-life therapy seems to be a bit out there,’’ she said.

‘‘A lot of people have experiences with grandkids talking about their ‘other’ father or mother [from a past life].’’

The Adamstown-based therapist said as a Buddhist she was open to the idea of rebirth and as a therapist she wanted to help people deal with buried pain or behaviour patterns.

Philosophical theories suggest that when people have a sense of deja vu, an irrational fear or unexplained affinity for an era or place it could be linked to a past life.

‘‘It was the view at the time of death,’’ she said.

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