Former Gladiator refused bail

A FORMER Gladiator accused of the attempted murder of bikie boss Frank Van Der Kroft was refused bail in the Supreme Court on Thursday despite offering to abide by a curfew and report to police daily.

Grant David Welsh, the club’s former sergeant-at-arms, was  charged last October with attempted murder following a three-month investigation into Mr Van Der Kroft’s shooting.

As well as the curfew and a willingness to report to Maitland police station every day, Mr Welsh’s parents offered the equity in their home as surety to guarantee Mr Welsh’s attendance at court.  Justice Peter Hall refused the application.

Mr Welsh, 35, of Ashtonfield, is accused of organising and carrying out the shooting of Mr Van Der Kroft on Wine Country Drive, North Rothbury, on July 22.

Mr Van Der Kroft was riding his motorcycle alone after a club run when he was shot in the back four times.

Mr Welsh and his co-accused allegedly fled the scene and dumped the gun, clothing and the car at different locations.

One of the co-accused, former Gunnedah chapter president Andrew Craig Pickering, 40, was granted bail in November.

An associate of Mr Welsh’s and a former Gladiators member, Peter Bell, was brutally bashed by a group of men in November, with two current members of the club charged with taking part in the bashing.

Mr Bell’s car was allegedly rammed at East Maitland before the group armed with metal baseball bats repeatedly struck his head, body and legs.

Simon Hum, 45, of Horseshoe Bend, and Luke Stevens, 28, of Belmont, will face court later this year  charged with a number of offences relating to the bashing.

Mr Welsh will remain in custody until his next court appearance in February.

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