TOPICS: This truck heading only One Direction

IF you’re a parent, there are things you need to  know. 

Like 1D World, the merchandise truck for One Direction that’s in Newcastle right now. Topics inspected the mobile shop yesterday at Broadmeadow McDonald’s, and we were:

● Urged by various kids, and adults, to purchase a life-sized cardboard Harry;

● Informed that we resemble band member Niall;

● Scolded by parents that we shouldn’t take photos of some fans but not others.

It’s an assault on the senses.

To help us get our heads around the phenomenon, Stella Arnold, 9,  recommended downloading the hit One Thing.

‘‘I think they put a lot of effort into it, and it just sounds really good,’’ Stella said, browsing the doll and T-shirt selection.

Her favourite is Niall.

The loyalties of Belmont Public School friends Abby, Jorja, Tahlia and Rhiannan, aged 9-11, were divided between Harry, Louis and Zayn. 

1D World opens for business from 9am today at King Street Macca’s. Those considering taking anyone young or predisposed to screaming, well . . . 

One exchange in the Broadmeadow car park will stay with us.

 Mum, patience eroded: ‘‘Come on, what about the water park?’’

Little girl, pleading: ‘‘But ... Harry.’’

Big hair triggers concert-goer’s memory 

MELISA Goodacre was on the front page of yesterday’s Herald. It came as a surprise.

Mrs Goodacre, from Charlestown, was getting ready for work when her husband Damon called out that a young woman pictured in the front row of Newcastle’s 1990 Earthquake Relief Concert looked strikingly familiar.

It was, on closer inspection, a 17-year-old Melisa with a blonde perm, framed by Jon Stevens’s splayed legs.

‘‘The ’80s hair – we all had hair like that,’’ said Mrs Goodacre, who is 40 and has dark, non-permed hair now.

‘‘It took a lot of hairspray to hold it up.’’

Mrs Goodacre and some friends had queued from 3am for prime spots inside what is now called Hunter Stadium.

‘‘When the gates opened they let us run onto the field,’’ she said.

‘‘It was very hot at the front.’’

Mr Goodacre, who was also in the crowd that day, remembers people being flung high into the summer air on picnic blankets, and elaborate human pyramids. Concert security is a bit different now.

While Mrs Goodacre’s crew was most excited about seeing Stevens, Midnight Oil gave one of the stand-out performances.

Peter Garrett came out in a pair of orange overalls and, years before the first F3 Derby, let off an orange flare.

A diver’s dilemma of peers

 READER Donna Norris has a take on the urban legend that once you climbed the top tower at Lambton Pool the lifeguards made you jump.

‘‘I never heard about the lifeguards at Lambton story,’’ Donna said. 

‘‘I used to jump from the third tower, and the kids who walked down copped it off the kids trying to come up.’’

Verily Vatican

Peter Stroud-Watts, meanwhile, has a question.

‘‘We have names for residents and citizens from other countries, eg Australians, Americans, Germans, Russians etc,’’ Peter said.

‘‘What are the residents of the Papal State in Rome referred to as?’’

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