VIDEO: Exploring the spiritual world

Janek Speight continues his series about ghost sightings and the paranormal.

A NEAR-DEATH experience 30 years ago left Suzie Price with a self-professed ability to explore the spiritual world.

At the age of seven she was knocked unconscious in a car accident. The ordeal changed her life, she says.

‘‘I saw an angel and there was a very bright light,’’ she said.

‘‘I wanted to go with her but she said I had to stay and that I had things to do.’’

And so began Mrs Price’s exploration of the psychic world.

She started seeing ‘‘spirits’’ and ‘‘faces’’ everyday and became more involved in connecting with her spiritual side.

Mrs Price’s concerned mother took her to see psychologists, anxious to explain ‘‘what was wrong’’ with her.

‘‘Mum said I went from being an extrovert to an introvert,’’ she said.

‘‘I was just told I had an over-active mind and that I would grow out of it.’’

Yet as she grew older Mrs Price continued experiencing paranormal activity and started to hold spirit readings, going to supermarkets and setting up a temporary stall.

It was there she met her future second husband, Stephen.

The couple moved to Cessnock about five years ago with Mrs Price’s three children from a previous marriage and decided to register a business for her spirit readings.

Her popularity has since skyrocketed to the point where she is now booked out until September, averaging about 20 readings a week.

And there are no secrets in the Price household – even the delicate matter of a marriage proposal doesn’t escape her.

‘‘When I bought her engagement ring for Christmas, she knew straight away what it was –  every time I buy something for her she guesses what it is,’’ Mr Price said.

But it is not the self-serving advantages that Mrs Price appreciates most about her special ability.

For her, it is being able to help people and give them renewed connections with lost loved ones as she summons their spirit.

‘‘They’re over the moon. They get an overwhelming sense of peace, happiness and joy, and we share that,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s like they can feel them too and they get goosebumps.’’

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