Mollyjane defies the odds at three

THIRD birthdays are a milestone in any child’s life but for Mollyjane Boyson turning three was an international breakthrough.

The little Lambton girl is just one of 32 children in the world with carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase deficiency.

It is a rare disease that inhibits the breakdown of fats, causing a toxic build-up in the liver resulting in organ failure.

Most babies born with the condition do not live longer than 48-hours and in July Mollyjane became the longest surviving person in the world with the condition.

Mollyjane on Sunday marked becoming the first baby born with the illness to turn three.

She has defied medical predictions of brain damage and despite spending her young life in and out of hospital is developmentally on par with her peers. Her case has even been written up in medical journals.

The Newcastle Herald has been following Mollyjane’s story since she was a baby.

Mother Jessica said because the condition was so rare every day was new territory.

‘‘This week all we have done is celebrate,’’ she said.

‘‘Three years ago we just didn’t think we would get here.’’

A typical day for Mollyjane includes medications every two to four hours, blood sugar level tests, feeding pump, cardiac monitor and regular injections.

Mollyjane celebrated yesterday with a Dora the Explorer-themed party.

‘‘She is the most good-natured, beautiful kid, but man she’s out there,’’ Ms Boyson said.

More than 120 friends and family helped raise an estimated $1500 for Westmead Children’s Hospital.

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