TOPICS: Green waste, green faces

 COLOUR CODE: Caves Beach nippers, from left,  Connor and Ben Henderson, Flynn Wallace-Smith, Nathan Ward, Beth Slade and Lexi Stevens join in the council’s celebrations for its successful green waste bin launch.  Picture: Dean Osland 

CAN you guess what Caves Beach nippers were promoting yesterday?

It wasn’t sun protection or even water safety.

It wasn’t about getting more nippers to join the ranks and there was no talk about rips.

Green zinc, green flags and green balloons were on display, but it wasn’t St Patrick’s Day.

It was, of course, the greenest of green councils – Lake Macquarie – promoting its new third-bin service, which is specifically for green waste.

The council told the Herald’s Lake Macquarie reporter Damon Cronshaw that almost 14per cent of its green-waste bin rollout had been completed since it began a week ago.

More than 10,000 bins have been delivered to households so far, with another 62,000 to go.

It’s not only the beaches that the council is hitting in its green marketing blitz.

City strategy director Tony Farrell said the council was on a mission to let everyone know all about the green bins.

The council’s green-waste team will be spreading the green gospel at shopping centres over the coming weeks.

Green missionaries have already hit Belmont and Charlestown shopping centres.

They have taken to the streets, too, using mobile billboards and travelling suburb to suburb to alert residents that their green-waste bin is on the way.

Gaga takes the cake

YES, that is a reader’s photo with Lady Gaga.

Niki Williams, right, may be the Hunter’s biggest Gaga fan. Gaga’s quite fond of Niki, too.

Niki, from Argenton, got to meet the pop star backstage at a Sydney gig. They don’t let just anyone do that; she’d registered through Gaga’s Little Monsters fan club, where she is ranked 56 worldwide.

Niki, who lost part of her right leg in a car accident in 2002, won over her idol when she entered a fans’ photo comp a few years ago. ‘‘She was just blown away with my leg,’’ says Niki.

‘‘I’ve got my own little fan base on the Little Monsters website.’’

Niki’s glittering prosthetic leg now carries Gaga’s signature. Unsurprisingly, her 30th birthday on Saturday at Waratah Golf Club was Lady Gaga themed.

There were 100 guests dressed like Gaga, Gaga decorations and a metre-high Gaga cake.

Adult checking out

THE self-serve checkout at Woolworths  lets you buy certain items only if you’re over 18. So we went shopping.

First through the scanner was an $8.40 set of kitchen knives. An adult check prompt appeared on the screen, and a staff member looked us up and down and swiped his badge. The knives were ours. 

Next up was a bottle of methylated spirits, with the same result. Someone could make a molotov cocktail with that, we reasoned, or drink it. Adult check: passed.

After buying a peach (that’s not illicit, we just wanted one), we had a thought. Plastic cutlery. Would they check for that?

Sure enough, a set of Homebrand plastic knives (‘‘perfect for parties’’) triggered the same alert as the steel ones and  metho.

We don’t know if Coles do the same checks (we ran out of money), but would be glad if a reader could help.

For party knives and forks kids, bring mum.

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