Luskintyre ultralight plane crash

NOSE-DOWN: The Bushman ultralight aircraft that crashed into trees yesterday, coming to rest in a private yard opposite the Luskintyre airfield.  Picture: Peter Stoop

WITNESSES said an ultralight plane that crashed at Luskintyre suddenly veered to the left before ploughing into trees.

The 7.5-metre-long Bushman aircraft narrowly missed several houses before crashing into the yard of a property opposite the Luskintyre Airfield.

The crash happened about 11.30am on Saturday. Two men inside the aircraft escaped serious injury.

Police said the pilot, in his 20s, was treated for minor injuries. The passenger, in his early 30s, had a leg injury and facial cuts. Both were taken to John Hunter Hospital in a stable condition.

A witness to the crash, posting on a forum for recreational aviators, said the new ultralight aircraft did not appear to have engine trouble.

He said the pilot had been doing ‘‘touch and go’’ landings before the plane veered steeply to the left and dived into the ground.

‘‘[I] just arrived as this happened,’’ the witness said.

‘‘Aircraft was about 150feet [45metres], starting to turn right, when it broke to the left. It hit the ground in a steep nose-down attitude but with very little speed.’’

Air safety authorities do not investigate incidents involving recreational, microlight or ultralight aircraft.

Central Hunter police said they were continuing their inquiries into the crash.

The crash was the second such incident at the Luskintyre airfield in less than two months.

In December, two men escaped serious injury when a 1940 de Havilland Tiger Moth was forced to crash-land in a paddock.

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