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Several times a week Greg posts an image or gallery of images that relates to some aspect of the past, usually in the Hunter Region.

The Herald invites readers to post comments, observations and recollections of their own in response. Extra information about any of the images is especially welcome.

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RAYON-making used to be a important Hunter industry in the 1960s, with the Courtaulds factory at Tomago employing many people.

These photos, by Douglass Baglin, give some inkling of what it was like to work there.

 The following excerpt comes from the excellent Fighter World website:

 "The Courtauld factory at Tomago began in the post war years to manufacture synthetic fibres especially for motor vehicle tyres. Negotiations between the State Government and Courtaulds regarding their proposed factory led to the construction of the Hexham Bridge in 1952 to replace the punts that crossed the Hunter River. Masonite also expanded after the war and both factories benefited with easier access to markets and fewer delays in the delivery of materials. Courtaulds built their factory off Tomago Road in the early 1950s and brought key factory workers from Britain to commence operations in 1953 and to train others. A hundred and fifty of these families migrated on the Australian Government Migrant Assistance Scheme. This industry (1950 to the late1970s) led to the southern expansion of Raymond Terrace for new housing for the workforce. Courtaulds employed 1500 to 2300 workers and made a tremendous impact on the small town as more people came to live nearer the sources of work.When steel reinforced radial tyres replaced corded tyres about 1970 Courtaulds closed their factory."

Reader recollections about the factory are welcome.

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