GALLERY: Babies of 2012 

A hard copy of the Babies of 2012 magazine is available free with Monday's print edition of the Newcastle Herald. 

THE Newcastle Herald once again joins the proudest parents and families in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley to celebrate the Babies of 2012. 

Now in its thirteenth year, our annual Babies magazine has become a sought after souvenir among our readers, whose beautiful photos and loving messages are keepsakes to be treasured and enjoyed.

The Herald Classifieds Call Centre has carefully arranged a magnificent collection of images for the 2012 Babies magazine. Images that remind us of the miracle of birth, life and the precious gift of family that all of our newborn babies are blessed to enjoy. Our lively and colourfully designed pages are a fitting backdrop to the bright and happy faces smiling out at every delighted family member and friend.

The Babies of 2012 publication is a chance for the Herald to show our appreciation to the hundreds of families who, over the course of the year, send in their proudest messages and sentiments to our weekly editions. Choosing to share your most memorable moments with us is a warm and generous invitation.

Without this generosity, a magazine like this would not be possible. As you have come to treasure these moments so have we come to treasure the chances you give us to celebrate with you.

On behalf of the Newcastle Herald and the Classifieds Call Centre, we congratulate each and every new parent and proud relative who have been blessed with a new member to their family this year. 

We hope that your Babies of 2012 magazine captures the pride, happiness and joy your new baby has brought to your life and will continue to give you and your family for years to come.

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